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Asbestos fibers are flexible and durable, they resist high temperatures and can be used as insulation to reduce heat or noise. They have been used in the construction and renovation fields because of these many characteristics. In Quebec, it was mainly between 1930 and 1990 that the construction industry used products and materials containing asbestos. This is why residential buildings constructed or renovated during this time may contain asbestos in various places. You can also try our air quality testing and asbestos testing services listed in our website to make sure the place you live in is clean and safe.

Asbestos removal is a complex and demanding activity, subject to certification, which requires mastery of processes and perfect knowledge of the regulations and standards in force. We offer our services to clients on Montreal, West Island and Laval.

A person who has been exposed to asbestos fibers can develop chronic lung disease, which can take a few decades to appear:

  • Mesothelioma (a rare form of cancer that affects the lining of the lungs or organs in the abdomen)
  • Lung cancer.
  • Asbestosis.


NovoStar will complete your asbestos removal project in Montreal with the following:

  • Fully trained and insured asbestos remediation experts
  • Complete and full worksite groundwork, cleaning and safe removal of asbestos
  • Equipped to handle any type of asbestos removal projects

Though asbestos is a banned material in buildings since 1984, asbestos is fairly common in old buildings and properties in Montreal and Quebec. Contact NovoStar today to get started with the best Montreal asbestos removal company.


Professional Montreal Asbestos Removal Services

Asbestos was a frequently used as a material in buildings built before the year 1990. As a consequence, many old properties in Montreal and Quebec still contain the asbestos material. This is a definitely a health risk as simply inhaling the asbestos causing other health issues.

If you’ve discovered asbestos in your property, it’s important that you call us at NovoStar. We specialize in expertly eliminating asbestos in Montreal safely and effectively.


We Handle All Asbestos Removal Projects in Montreal

NovoStar is a well-prepared Montreal asbestos removal company, and undertake all asbestos abatement process in Montreal, West Island, and Laval, as well as commercial industrial and  asbestos removal projects.

We’ve worked on all types of asbestos removal work for our clients, which included a wide aray of asbestos problems like removing non- crumbly floor and ceiling tiles, as well as disposing asbestos material.


Montreal Asbestos Removal – We are Compliant with Asbestos Removal Regulations

Eliminating asbestos – especially in big quantities of industrial or commercial asbestos removal projects – is very risky. It’s not just hazardous for the workers but the property as well since it can lead to asbestos infection and exposure.

NovoStar stops these risks by being completely compliant with the laws on all asbestos removal in Montreal, Laval and West Island.

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