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Molds are fungi invisible to the naked eye. They can form colonies in various places in a building if they are present:

  • excess water or humidity;
  • sufficient nutrients such as cardboard or drywall.

When they grow extensively, molds disperse particles into the air that can be breathed in and that can cause health problems.

The existence of mold in your house can lead to dangerous health issues and damage to the structure and foundation of the property. But there’s a lot more to the process mold remediation and removal than just the clean-up. Not only will Nova Star fully eliminate the mold from your property, we will even use our expertise to identify the root cause of the problem to find out the cause to prevent it from happening again.

The symptoms that can be associated with mold exposure vary. Everyone can react differently depending on their level of exposure and general health. The main symptoms are:

  • irritation of the eyes, nose and throat;
  • runny nose, sinus congestion, cold-like symptoms;
  • wheezing;
  • cough;
  • increased frequency and severity of asthma attacks;
  • chronic fatigue, headaches.

Common areas of the home where Mold is found

1- Attic Mold is typically discovered because of lack of air circulation.

2- Bathroom mold is a result of warm moist air being stuck in the room and not being released. The compression will then turn into mold accumulation.

3- Kitchen mold is usually a result of a problem with the plumbing system that caused leakage at some point.

4- Basement Mold can be formed for a assortment of reason.

Why should Mold be Removed?

When left un-treated, Mold can trigger a lot of problems. Such as:

  • Excessive wood damage.
  • Mold can release spores in the air of the property and pose inhalation risks.
  • Main source of pollutants for people suffering from allergy.
  • Damage to the overall property structure
  • Reduce the value of the property

Mold shall not be allowed to grow indoors. When this occurs, health problems and issues can can happen and building materials may be damaged.

Mold problems must be attended to as soon as they are discovered. The existence of molds may lead to the contamination of your property’s air supply and impact the health of the people who live on the property. Irrespective of whether those who got exposed display symptoms or not, you should act quickly to start a mold removal and remediation process to prevent any toxic effects to you and your family’s health.

Nova Star mold removal and remediation services are available to clients in Laval, Montreal, west island. The first sign you see black or green spots, an odor, you should contact one of our mold removal and remediation experts, who will then start conducting an inspection to begin a mold removal and decontamination process designed to your situation. Don’t wait until mold problems to become worse, as this could result in additional cost. Take action now and contact one of our professional mold remediation experts to establish and start a mod decontamination plan.

Novostar Inc. offers a special technique starting by creating a containment zone following demolition according to specified protocols using any hepa filter equipment, then identifying the Mold Source and eliminating it. At the end Novostar Inc. applies a special cleaning using special products. We offer our services to clients in Montreal, West Island and Laval.

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