Water Damage Restoration Montreal

We offer the best Water Damage Restoration services in Montreal and surrounding areas

At Novostar water damage restoration, technicians quickly carry out a diagnosis by taking hygrometer measurements in the areas affected, they then analyze your needs, define the necessary equipment and propose a suitable solution.

We are here to help you every step of the way in returning your home back to normal after a water damage incident.​ Timing is crucial to reducing the water damage in your property. Our certified technicians are well trained to implement an array of water damage restoration services for commercial and residential properties.

Our main goal is to aid you return to normality as fast as possible. And we are ready to help, any time of day, our expert team is trained to assist you in any water damage state you might encounter. With our latest tech tools and drying equipment for eliminating moisture and humidity, we make it our objective to methodically clean and return your property to what it was before.


Water Damage Restoration and Repair in Montreal, Quebec

  • Emergency Flooding and Water Cleaning Service
  • Emergency Leak Detection Plumbing Fix
  • Basement Water damage cleaning
  • Water Extraction and Removal
  • Water Damage drying and Sanitation
  • Mold Cleaning
  • Mold Odour Removal
  • Contents Restoration
  • Power Control Solutions
  • Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Top 10 Water Damage Causes

Water incursion, leaks, and water damage are a reality in many residential properties. As well as triggering water damage, water penetration can lead to mold and bacterial infection in cases of unclean water sources. The end results are health and safety and a substantial costs to remediate the damage.

  • Plumbing fixture Leaks
  • Burst from Pipe
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Toilet Malfunction
  • Appliance Malfunction
  • Sewer Backup drain
  • Heavy Rainfall
  • Ice pipe Damage
  • Leaks from the Roof


The aim of our services is to prevent the further damage, and therefore the costs that may come with it to your property. If necessary, we can completely pump the residual water in your home or basement safely and quickly. We offer our services to clients in Montreal, Laval, and West Island.

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